Barbershop and Cornish Clothing
Ansumco. was established in 2015. Marc, our Cornish-obsessed founder is a keen Surfer, Traveller, Cornishman and Dog Lover. He also has a whippet called Blu who has also been along on the Ansumco. journey. Ansum in Cornwall has a meaning of ‘top notch’ and Marc’s vision is to give everyone a memory and a piece of Cornwall. Marc came up with the idea of creating a few branded items inspired by the Cornish coastal lifestyle. His first collection consisted of a few hats and tees displayed in his well-known barbershop at Mount Hawke Skate Park. Customers adored the Ansumco. line and requested everything from hoodies to shorts from Marc. Fast forward a year, and Marc launched a much larger collection and his first online store! The style of Ansumco. has evolved over time, but the ethos has remained consistent.
What We Think
We believe in being yourself, always. Even if -- especially if -- that makes you come across a little differently from everyone else. We think life's too short not to waste some time every now and then, to go off piste and explore the scenery along the way. The little things that make life interesting.
What We Do
It's not just about selling clothes. It's about putting in the effort so that the things we make are made to last and feel special enough to wear adventure after adventure.
What's New?
Life would be dull if we all looked the same and if we all stayed the same. This is why we’re switching things up with our new collections. It's nothing drastic, we’re still all about thoughtfully designed, well-made clothes and we've got a new logo (nice, isn't it?).